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Woman and fashion have a tight relation. Woman needs fashion and fashion needs woman.. "When you start to bloom you will need to groom." Shoppagalz presents to you all the needs that galz want. Apparels, accessories, body cares from day to night, summer to winter, formal to sexy and many other items to color your way of style. With the quick access and ez payments all you galz have to do is just sit tight and do the 'clicks' =) Thank you for visiting our blog, have fun and get ready for the night! cheers! ~shoppa_holic~

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Signature Ponte Knit Collection Belted Knit Dress

The Signature Ponte Knit Collection Belted Knit Dress ($69) may very well be the most versatile, downright useful dress we've ever found. Not only is this flattering sheath season-less—wear it with a turtleneck and tights for now, on its own later—it transitions effortlessly from day to night with a bag and shoe swap. Available in black, an orange-y salmon and white (which, by the way, is sizzling for winter this year).


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